Sunday, November 13, 2011

keep fight ! :D

heii my dear :) i'm come back .. haha :D well, i dont have any spirit :/ i dont know. mungkin karna gue nyesek wkwk. because of what ? mm i cant tell u :| i wanna forget it. i just try to be the best for someone who makes me try to be better (smarter, prettier, and more interesting). haha LOL~  maybe it's looks like a joke but i really really did it. i've been tried :p haha kinda a crazy girl #exactly i'm crazy. but, i think he can be my motivator :) he can lead me in the better way. argghhhh .. but i still hide from him and just be a secret admirer :p i'm too afraid wakaka he really really drives me crazy. yeahh .. i just pray for this, may it can bring the best way for me :) i dont know what the future bring. nobody know , huh ?. so i just have to keep tryin' (not for him, but for me ;)) oh man .. xD it's funny i never thought i will be like this. oke then, keep fight Gie ! :D

eh, by the way .. it's november. i still waiting for the result of the competition that i've joined. LMCR !! :O wuuu .. i hope it's the way that God give for me ><" huhu i want to make my parent proud of me. aku deg2an, mam :s #heart beat. okay, maybe this is the short post from me this night. because i've to go to sleep again. before that i must looking for some foods :/ feel hungry! okay, bye :D nite :*

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