Saturday, February 25, 2012


aaaaaaaaaaaaa *screaming then die*. ou yeaahh , i have my first try out next monday and i doubt it so bad. argghh it seems the time goes on fastly -__- bzz. i didn't prepare it well. not yet. the first day is indonesian and science. what the fucking hell with the science. then, i love biology exactly. but i do not ready at all. the physics, chemistry especially biology. too many materials to study about -_- uuaahh. but it's do not finish after the try out. i also have the UAS, Ujian Praktek, UAN. iki kenter yaeeee #bablas jowo. i dont know whether i'll doing it well or the opposite when i look this condition. argghh just wanna jumping from the eiffel. but it's not work. whatever will be, i must pass all of this. yayayayyayayaya. mam Widhi and my mom also said the same. "belajar ya tinggal belajar, nggak usah mikir berapa banyak SKL dll". but the fact, everytime i studyin my brain drives me to think about the SKL and other fucking things -_- oh damn its true.

okay well well well i must back to my room and study. be patient huah huah huah. i'll get the best when i do my best. totemo sugoii !. bye.

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