Thursday, January 31, 2013

liat postingan blog akhir2 ini. gue mellow maksimal!. hahaha. Nggak papa sih.
well, gtw nih mo nulis apa. just getting bored now. and it's almost midnight but i still can't sleep. As always. Ngahh.. while i have biology test tomorrow. Great, i open new month with test. Quite amazing~

by the way.. last wednesday. Aw... :3 it was sweet. So much thanks for Kak Yusrul which is my | our Coach (merangkap kakak) of our basketball team. He gave us some sweet and he made a letter for us. I don't know, how could we get a romantic coach like this ? hahhaha :D. firstly, he gathered us (including our manager, Thea-Oyen) in the court and ask us to close our eyes. intinya bikin relax. aduh... susah njelasinnya. ini terlalu sweet gitu. Suddenly after we got some tears (lol~) we found that a gift in front of us!. KYAAA!!!. And after i opened the gift in home.......... voila! JERSEY MAN! PECAH BANGET MAN!! XD

Just cant imagine i'll get a team as lovely as #SMANSSAFIGHT! such fascinating :*

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