Wednesday, November 28, 2012

please don't be an idiot anymore.

hell-o idiot (read it : me)
i just messed up. so, this is what i always do.
look at the left side of my fb and feeling butterflies in my tummy when i catch that you are online.
point at that place and klik it. open the chat with you but i do nothing. i don't typing anything at all. just look at the screen. that empty chat!. with a very very straight face. after a moment, i minimized the chat, and still do nothing. i just hope that damn thing. hoping that you will send me a message. a very little message. just "hy" kyaaa! it's more than anything dude. woa, it is impossible. okay, i know. who the hell cares ? .__. yaa i just keep looking at my screen untill you're offline. that is. idiot? I've said that!! -_-

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