Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Malem ini galuh ngerasa beraaattt banget hatinya.
You know? The feeling when you have a few thoughts in your head. Considering about something deeply. And yeah it is just getting harder here <3
Galuh saking bingungnya sampe cuma mondar mandir rumah. Scrolling every single application in my phone. I have been looking for my journal but i cant find it yet till now and yah.. it is harder.
Terus akhirnya galuh ambil headset, masukke kamar galuh yang masih berantakan.
Rencananya sih mau dengerin father's love letter. Tapi tiba-tiba... gak sengaja galuh ngeplay sebuah track di soundcloud. Yang nyanyi stefanus sanjaya kalo ga salah. Then i was just sitting on the floor and rely on my bed. Listen to the song. And... my tears spills out. I pray to PAPA by singing and crying haha because i just have no words to explain. Lalu.... galuh dengerin track fav di akun soundcloud galuh.
It is not a song actually. Just some talks. Dan... i really feel HIM waktu aku denger kalimat ini "when you are broken heart , I am close to you" He spoke it slowly and deeply. And haaaaaaa....... i feel Him really next to me. Bed yang galuh rely on tadi tu rasanya langsung kaya itu pangkuannya PAPA and He continues speaking "as a shepherd carries the lamb, I carry you close to My heart" *continue crying*

And for this next speech I got my heart like *MELTINGG*
"one day I will wipe away Every tears from your eyes. And i will take away all the pain you have suffer on this earth"
And somehow for the next minutes I feel better and more peaceful.

You know guys? Kalo kamu baca blog aku. Dan kamu lagi dapet masalah dan lain sebagainya yg bener2 burden kami. Go find God. Because He's the only one who can completely satisfy. Jangan kayak ak di postingan2 akhir2 kemaren yang milih buat galau abis dan stand on my own foot. Ini semua cuma sementara kok. Semangat!!
Kata2 tadi juga buatmu btw :) GBU

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